Denmark´s Peter

Peterspladsen (Peter's Square) is a sculpture park with  animal sculptures by the popular Peter Jensen, some eight kilometers outside Hjørring.
The square is organized as a nature and sculpture park suitable for many purposes. While watching the sculptures you can play, go for a walk or sit at tables and benches. The square has the best imaginable position in the magnificent nature at Bjergby. It is always open and inviting to the locals as well as tourists, those interested in art, day-care institutions and families with children. 

Peter Jensen (1898-1985) was born, grew up and died in  Bjergby. He was a modest man with his own distorted view 
on life, a quite special man who pottered about with scrap, rubbish and concrete in his back garden. The outcome was the strangest and most remarkable giant sculptures now  populating the Peter's Square in Bjergby.

In 2002 all the animals went through a comprehensive 
renovation. It was conducted by the sculptor Marit Benthe Norheim who also works in concrete. The animals - some of them made with wire netting and concrete - were given a thorough going-over and ensured a place
 in history.

Tekst m/billede
Tekst m/billede

The society Peterspladsens Venner (Friends of Peter's Square) was formed in order to help fund the renovation as well as the maintenance. The society has some 200 members from all over the country. You can become a member by sending 50 DKK to 

Finn Abildgaard
Lokalhistorisk Forening
Mygdal-Bjergby skole
DK-9800 Hjørring

You find Peter's Square by following Skagen Landevej from Hjørring for 5-10 minutes or taking exit no. 2 on motorway E39 for approx. two minutes. You can also take bus no. 222 from Hjørring for 15 minutes.