Poul Ekelund

Poul Ekelund - In harmony with nature

In 2021, the visual artist Poul Ekelund would have turned 100 years old. Poul Ekelund was a unique artist who went his own way. At a time when abstract and formalist painting filled most of the art scene, Poul Ekelund distinguished himself as an innovator of traditional, naturalistic landscape and figure painting. With the exhibition, the museum wants to spread the knowledge of Poul Ekelund and reestablish his work in Danish 20th century art history.

The exhibition presents a broad selection of Poul Ekelund's work from the 1940s until his death in 1976. His art is especially characterized by two basic motifs - human and landscape. In his work observation of nature merges with imagination and emotion, and because of this, the compositions become a representation of the relationship between nature and humans.

In addition to paintings, the exhibition will also include the artist's graphic work, which belongs to the more unknown parts of his work.

The exhibition is arranged in collaboration with Odsherreds Kunstmuseum, Museum Vestsjælland, and Museum Thy / Heltborg Museum.

Poul Ekelund