Jenny Hansen

Jenny Hansen -  tapestries

In 2021, tapestry weaver Jenny Hansen will be 70 years old. On that occasion, Vendsyssel Art Museum will mark this with an exhibition that focuses on the artist's tapestries from the last two decades.

Jenny Hansen has made a strong mark on the Danish art scene with her new interpretations of a proud tapestry tradition and must be described as one of the leading textile artists of the time who masters the craft of tapestry weaving.

With the exhibition and the accompanying publication, the museum will shed new light on Jenny Hansen's work from the last 20 years, where the design language has changed from being primarily preoccupied with the geometric abstract to drawing inspiration from nature's motifs. Thanks to supporting from the Augustinus Foundation and the New Carlsberg Foundation, the museum was able to acquire the work ‘Mirrors’ from 2018 to 2019, which in a distinguished way represents the new pictorial universe in the artist's production with motifs from nature. ´Mirrors´ is considered a masterpiece and will of course be included in the exhibition.

The exhibition is arranged in close collaboration with the artist herself.

Jenny Hansen