MOTHEREARTH - Works from the Museum’s Collection

Three themes

MOTHEREARTH (in Danish MODERJORD) presents a selection of works from the Vendsyssel Museum of Art’s collection. Structured under three different categories, the works individually and as a whole thematise the interaction between man and nature – across times and genres.

From basic questions and ambiguous answers about EXISTENCE. To thoughts on the untamed and immediate, the origin of life and what shapes us. About MOTHERHOOD, ancestry, relations and love. And finally, MAN IN NATURE as a path to realisation in the effort to learn more about ourselves and to understand the world and the framework in which we live and act.



Where do we come from? What do we come from? Over time, man seems to have felt a profound need to know his origin – and furthermore to understand the factors that have shaped you and me into who we are.

The development of humanity has a long history of which we have only sporadic knowledge.

The term MOTHEREARTH is basically a contraction of human (mother) and nature (earth). It covers a personification of nature, but it is also a testimony that the two are closely connected.

Examples of this occur widely in both science and religion.

At funerals, formulations such as ”from this earth we created you, and to it, you shall return, and we shall bring you out of it once more” and ”of earth you have come, to earth you shall become, of the earth you shall arise” (our translations). These two quotes derive from the Muslim and Christian burial ceremony, respectively.

In that sense, man is nature. At the same time nature is the starting point and the end. But it is also a space for the unfolding of life and imprints along the way. Over time the relationship between man and nature has been a recurring topic, and it exists as an interaction where the two poles influence each other mutually.

The exhibition will be shown from 6 July 2019