Jacob Rantzau - So far Away

So far Away is the first major solo exhibition of the visual artist Jacob Rantzau (b. 1973) in five years, developed specifically for the architectural setting of Vendsyssel Museum of Art.

Jacob Rantzau’s works revolve around the human figure, and the motifs often contain references to contemporary societal structures and issues. A recurrent theme in So far Away is the present time information flow and the phenomenon of FOMO – the fear of missing out.

In recent years, the landscape has gradually gained more weight in Jacob Rantzau’s paintings and thus the interaction between man and nature. As the motif unfolds, it also includes references to the climate debate and the global challenges the world is facing.

The artist’s work process is illuminated in a separate sketch room on the first floor with hundreds of sketches and initial works as well as the creation of the work ‘So far away’ in the film of the same title.

The exhibition is on show from 1th September 2019 until 5th January 2020

Jacob Rantzau - So far Away