Tove Anderberg

Color and Shape - Ceramic sculptures by Tove Anderberg.

In Tove Anderberg's (b. 1942) work with the material effects of clay and glaze, nature is constantly present as a main source of inspiration. The colors, patterns, and structures of nature form the basis for a comprehensive and diverse abstract design language. This abstraction is expressed in both closed sculptural forms and open bowl shapes, which are given life through vibrating surface structures and luminous glazes.

Tove Anderberg started making her own glazes early on, driven by a desire to get the light into the glaze - a desire that was inspired by the art of painting. As a potter, Tove Anderberg can be considered self-taught. Although a few courses in modeling and glaze chemistry at Aarhus Art Academy form her artistic background. In the beginning, Tove Anderberg produced traditional utility items in clay, to increasingly produce more sculptural unique works.

In the 1980s, the museum’s collection area was expanded to include handicrafts. From the beginning, Tove Anderberg's works have occupied a central place in this part of the collection, which is why Vendsyssel Art Museum today has a wide collection of her works.

In addition to the museum's own works, a larger private collection is also included in the exhibition.

The exhibition is going to be available from 21.04.2021- 29.08.2021

Tove Anderberg