Svend Wiig Hansen: Light and Darkness

Graphical Works from the Collection

Svend Wiig Hansen (1922-1997) was a sculptor, painter and graphic artist. Whichever form of expression, humans – human life and the human figure – form the focal point of the artist's expressive works. This exhibition brings his graphical works into focus, complemented by a few paintings and sculptures.

Vendsyssel Museum of Art has a wide collection of Svend Wiig Hansen's graphical works. The collection covers a period from the 1950's to the 1990's and provides a glimpse of the artist's untiring and often serial work with humans as a scene across graphical techniques, such as etchings, lithography, linocuts and woodcuts. 

Feelings, such as anxiety, helplessness and despair, unfolded with great intensity and psychological insight pervade Svend Wiig Hansen's delineations of the human form. This also applies to the artist's self-portraits in which he studies and exposes his own psyche.

The works by Svend Wiig Hansen may appear dark but darkness only exists by virtue of its contrast – light. Joy, poetry and love are part of human life that can also be found in the artist's dark visual universe. Light penetrates darkness, providing hope, however only by glimpses.

In his comprehensive oeuvre, Svend Wiig Hansen displays fundamental existential subjects. Therefore, the works are still relevant 100 years after the artist’s birth.

The exhibition will be shown from 19 November 2022.

Svend Wiig Hansen: Light and Darkness - Graphical Works from the Collection