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Wonder World



Welcome to the Wonder World - a fantastic and strange imaginary landscape. Hear, feel, smell, see - in Wonder World you shall experience with different senses. Afterwards you can continue to the Wonder World Lab and draw a fairytale, a dream or something else.

The sounds
Some of the black boxes on the walls are loudspeakers. Can you describe the sounds? Are they perhaps fun or scary? Do you recognize some of them?

The scents
The other black boxes on the walls are filled with scents. Do the scents remind you of something?

The stalagmites
The long conical stalagmites looks like the real stalagmites that you find in caves, except that these are gold while the real ones are white, yellow or reddish.

The drops
Try and have a look inside the different drop-shaped sculptures. What do they contain? You may lay down and rest in the biggest drop (one person at the time), close your eyes and listen to the sounds.

The black boxes
In the sand you will find some small black boxes. Have a look inside. Have you seen such things before? If you haven´t, you will be able to read about them in the Wonder World Lab.

The mountains
Have you noticed the black mountains on the walls? You are allowed to write or draw on them; along the walls you will find cups with chalks.

Allergics, asthmatics and epileptics must be aware that the exhibition contains smells and glimpses of light.

The entire floor in the exhibition is filled with sand. Therefore we kindly ask wheelchair users to contact the museum before visiting in order to arrange help from the museum staff.