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Svend Engelund -
Commemorative Exhibition

The painter Svend Engelund would have reached 100 years on 4 April 2008 and a number of exhibitions and art museums were planning to pay tribute to him.
Unfortunately Svend Engelund passed away 25 October 2007. At Vendsyssel Museum of Art we therefore mark his birthday with a commemorative exhibition of Engelund’s works from our collection as well as works that have been lent to us. At Sophienholm a large retrospective commemorative exhibition will open on 4 April and during the summer Kunstbygningen i Vrå – Engelundsamlingen and Randers Kunstmuseum will exhibit a number of his works.

The exhibition
’Svend Engelund – commemorative exhibition’ is Vendsyssel’s homage to the painter. Svend Engelund is a key person within the art of painting in Vendsyssel and his works are one of the pillars in the collections of Vendsyssel Museum of Art. Svend Engelund is known and loved for his scenery motifs but also paintings of models and still life plays an important role in his professional life. Engelund worked with painting for eight decades and at the exhibition the visitor will gain an insight into how his working process would often go from draft to the finished work. The exhibition shows a wide range of Engelund’s works. Large oil paintings, small intense drafts and monumental ornamentations will be decorating the walls of Vendyssel Museum of Art during April.

Kunstbygningen i Vrå – Engelundsamlingen, Sophienholm, Randers Kunstmuseum and Vendsyssel Museum of Art have published a joint catalogue (104 pages, richly illustrated). In the catalogue Anne Lie Stokbro, art historian, and artistic manager of Kunstbygningen i Vrå – Engelundsamlingen, and Sine Kildeberg, art historian, cand.mag. and museum keeper at Vendsyssel Museum of Art, writes good-humoured about Svend Engelund. It is the purpose of the catalogue to illuminate Svend Engelund’s works from new points of view, thus lifting them out of the local context they are often regarded in. The two articles focus on the art historical as well as biographical lines of development in the works of Svend Engelund, and the modernistic context that he is a part of.

For further information and pictures please contact museum keeper Sine Kildeberg at or (+45) 98 92 41 33.

Winterlandscape. Horne, 1945