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Victor B. Andersen

The Machine Factory – Victor B. Andersen: Sperme Anonyme

Victor B. Andersen is a fugitive character in Danish Cultural life. First of all, only very few have actually met him. Secondly, those who have met him have a tendency to get amnesia when they want to describe the man. But one thing seems certain: Victor B. Andersen walks with a stick!
And in this exhibition you may follow in Victor’s foot prints – walking with his stick.

First and foremost, Victor B. Andersen’s Machine Factory is a Danish legendary art magazine, an art book that has been published since 1975 by the main editor and Danish artist Kenn André Stilling. The fundamentals have always been: Black/white, A4-format, at least 160 pages and photocopies of material in such a way that the personal styles of poets, writers and artists are reflected directly and visually in the art magazine.

But the Machine Factory is more than “just” an art magazine. Danes, and people living in Copenhagen, knows very well the Café ”Sommersko” (Summer shoe), Café Dan Turèll, Café Victor – perhaps without being aware of the fact that, all of them, are results of the Machine Factory’s strategy – and all of them were invented to bring the magazine into real life.

The Machine Factory, then, would/should best be described as a hybrid form of practice which mixes and weaves different expressions and experiences into each other, often in public spaces. It is one of the first examples of trans disciplinary practice in Denmark, that is both effective and able to survive; a platform that, uniquely, makes it possible to combine the highest quality from an experimenting art stage and the most positive elements from a dynamic and international business culture.

The exhibition Machine Factory – Victor B. Andersen: Sperme Anonyme stages a story and a historic proces which is documented and visualized with poetic implications. From the performances in Café Victor in the early 1980’s, we have many different cultural, political, artistic personalities showing on screens – Per Højholt, Dan Turèll, Inger Christensen, Per Nørgaard. Poul Gernes, Per Kirkeby, Klaus Rifbjerg, Michael Strunge og many, many more.

The exhibition is curated by Helle Rafn and Morten Søndergaard