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What does the conception of the native soil mean to quite young artists all coming from Nordjylland – the northern part of Jutland – but now living and working elsewhere?

The exhibition Homecoming shows a number of newly hatched artists who have all since childhood been connected to Nordjylland.

Art and artists with connection to Nordjylland is the core of the collections at Vendsyssel Museum of Art. Often the museum presents artists whose works depicting the scenery of Nordjylland, but rarely does it exhibit works of art by artists bred in Nordjylland but now emigrated. Thus, the museum wishes to focus on a handful of young, promising artists who not necessarily sees themselves as particularly much from Nordjylland, but who are all rooted north of the fiord Limfjorden.

The emigrants are coming home – thus Homecoming.

The works at the exhibition Homecoming are not pictures from the native soil, portraying the wind-swept trees, the open sky and the omnipresent horizontal line that one normally associates with the scenery of Nordjylland, These motifs appear to have somewhat receded into the background in favour of formal examinations and the more experimental form of art. The works covers painting, sculpture, graphics, photo, sound, installation and performance art.

A common feature for the artists at Homecoming is that they all come from Nordjylland and that they have all been educated at one of the three academies of fine arts in Denmark during the last three years.

In connection with the exhibition the museum publishes a catalogue in the form of a box with postcards carried out by the artists.

The artists at Homecoming are:

  - Lykke Andersen, Svenstrup (born 1974, exit 2005) 
  - Uffe Holm, Aalborg/Fjerritslev (born 1976, exit 2007)
  - Charlotte Bergmann Johansen, Aalborg (born 1970, exit
  - Michael Boelt Fischer, V. Hassing (born 1974, exit 2004) 
  - Allan Otte, Aars (born 1978, exit 2007) 
  - Søren Lyng, Hjørring (born 1975, exit 2002)
  - Kristian Sverdrup, Tornby (born 1972, exit 2004) 
  - Christian Hillesøe, Hjørring (born 1976, exit 2004) in co-
    operation with Adnan Yildiz, Turkey 
  - Vibeke Mejlvang, Hjørring and Sofie Hesselholdt,
    Copenhagen (born 1976, exit 2006 and born 1974, exit
  - Maria Wæhrens, Hjørring/Bindslev (born 1976, exit 2005)

More of the artists will be present at the opening that will also include a performance by Charlotte Bergmann Johansen.

For further information and illustrations please contact Lise Mortensen at (+45) 98 96 43 24 or

Kind regards,
Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

Vibeke Mejlvang & Sofie Hesselholdt: We call it a Danish state of mind, dansk design i camouflage.

Allan Otte: The Fall

Michael Boelt Fischer