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Bent Skytte-Rasmussen

VANDBÆREREN (The Water Bearer)
– ceramic installations and sculptures

Bent Skytte-Rasmussen

Bent Skytte-Rasmussen was born in 1954 in Randers, Denmark. He has undergone constant development since being one of the assistants at Erik Nyholm’s design of the 100 square metre Dubuffet relief Epokhé for the art museum Silkeborg Kunstmuseum (1977).

In 2002 he was once more tied to Silkeborg, now working on the Erik Nyholm memorial exhibition at Silkeborg Kunstmuseum. Here Bent Skytte-Rasmussen exhibited as one of the eight artists that had assisted at the Dubuffet relief. Among the other artists were Lars Ravn and Bjørn Nørgård. At the exhibition Bent Skytte-Rasmussen presented some 40 small ceramic sculptures ’Mine små venner i Hjardemål Klit’ (’My Small Friends in Hjardemål Klit’). The chaotic and diffuse forms of the sculptures and their rich colouring suggests the tradition in the the postwar Cobra. No wonder, really, as Erik Nyholm did indeed collaborate with Asger Jorn.

As hinted in the title of the sculpture Bent Skytte-Rasmussen is inspired by the grandiose scenery in the preserved dune area at Hjardemål. Though Erik Nyholm his eyes were opened for the gigantic palette of glazing and characters in the glazing.

In 1986 Erik Nyholm executed the large ceramic frieze for Danmarks Radio in Århus, a work at which Bent Skytte-Rasmussen also assisted, and at that time Bent Skytte-Rasmussen got the formulas for the glazing that have formed the basis for his own experiments.

Bent Skytte-Rasmussen does, however, not only work in small scale. Throughout the years he has carried out several large-scale ceramic decorations and sculptural installations. The artist found that one of the small sculptures from the series ’Mine små venner i Hjardemål Klit’ (’My Little Friends in Hjardemål Klit’) was suitable for large-sized use. In order to carry out this dream, Bent Skytte-Rasmussen has been supported by Statens Billedkunstråd (The National Council for Pictorial Art) under the Danish Ministry of Culture. The sculpture that has been named ’Vandbæreren’ (’The Water
Bearer’) and measures two metres in height, has just been taken from the kiln and is the chief work at the current exhibition at Vendsyssel Museum of Art.

Bent Skytte-Rasmussen er trained at Kunsthåndværkerskolen (the School for Arts and Crafts) in Kolding, Denmark in 1976. He has exhibited at quite a few museums and galleries and has carried out numerous decorations.

At Vendsyssel Museum of Art he is represented by a number of ceramic works, among others the more than two meters high ’Englesøjle’ (‘Angel Column’) from 1995.

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Bent Skytte-Rasmussen