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Visitors flat

Visitor's flat with studio

In connection with Vendsyssel Museum of Art we have established a visitor's studio with a one room flat.

In order to be eligible for a stay you must send an  application to the museum. In the application you must give reasons for why you wish to borrow the studio and the flat.

The duration of the stay can be from 14 days to one month or as agreed.

Artists, researchers etc. can be considered for a stay.

The stay is for free. If the visitor is an artist it is expected that the studio will be accessible for the museum guests in specified periods of time during the stay.

As a receipt for the stay Vendsyssel Museum of Art wish to receive a self-portrait by the artist staying in the flat. The reason for specifically asking for a self-portait is that the museum as a niche has a fairly extensive collection of self-portraits.

The studio and the flat can be used independently of the  museum.

Applications are received and dealt with continuously.
A curriculum vitae must be enclosed in the application.