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Conducted tours

The museum offers conducted tours targeted any at age and  adjusted to most types of education. If you have special requests regarding conducted tours, please do not hesitate to contact the staff.

The museum also offers conducted tours for companies, art accociations eller whomever might feel like it. Furthermore,  workshops, teachers' courses and lectures are offered on a running basis. Please see the museum calender.

Schools, institutions and other groups visiting the museum for educational purposes have free admission during opening hours. 

The price for a conducted tour can be found here

The duration of the tour is 45 to 60 minutes. 

General conducted tours
A conducted tour at Vendsyssel Museum of Art can have the collections as well as temporary exhibitions as pivotal
point. The central point of the collections is the landscape  painting from Vendsyssel (the part of North Jutland north of the fiord Limfjorden) and will typically have for instance Hofmeister's, Engelund's, Larsen Stevns' and Poul Anker Bech's way of portraying the landscape of North Jutland as a starting point.

If your class is visiting the museum for the first time, your conducted tour could for instance consist of selected works taking you around all of the collections. This will give your  students an impression of how a landscape painting is composed etc.

Our conducted tours have the single work as a starting point - and they take place as a dialogue between the guide and the students, adjusted to their academic qualifications.

Special conducted tours
As far as possible we try to tailor the conducted tours to your educational sequence, thus making the meeting with the art museum something to build on.

If for example you work with a certain theme the conducted tour could be arranged with a number of crossing topics such as the (self)portrait, death, the landscape and history.

The current level of the students is always taken into consideration.